Food and Education Project

Food and Education Project

In order to build up a civilized society and a modern nation, we need skilled manpower. There are thousands of poor children from rural as well as tribal areas of India, who are brilliant in their studies but are not in a position to go for higher education as they cannot afford the high cost of higher education. "Light in Life" supports students who are extremely poor but are brilliant in their studies. We firmly believe that this support will certainly bring light in their life and will be helpful to build a bright future for themselves and for their family.

Our goal is to promote the training of young people when their parents are not able to provide the necessary resources. With this support our aim is to help these youngsters to gain independence. It often takes little effort to give the young people the chance of a better future and a secure livelihood.

Financial support for a professional apprenticeship (duration: 3 years): CHF 800.- per year
‘Light in Life’ supports tribal children for various educational needs (uniform, bags, school materials etc.) and also helps the schools in these tribal areas for the basic infrastructural needs.

Financial Help for One Year: approx. CHF 5`000.
Through a holistic educational program, we want to support the marginalized tribal children and the children from the misery quarters in Narengi, the Archdiocese of Guwahati /Assam, Northeast India, to provide knowledge, skills and values that prepare our children for a future full of opportunities.

Total costs per year: CHF 7'015.

Meghalaya is a state in Northeast India. The area is remote and economically backward. The terrain is mountainous and crisscrossed by several rivers. More than 80 percent of the population lives scattered in more than 5,000 villages.

Many young people want to go to school and have to walk several kilometers through forest to the nearest school. The conditions of schools in these remote areas are catastrophic. Usually the schools are without fixed roof and walls.

“Light in Life” has selected a school which was completely destroyed by a cyclone in April 2015. The total cost for the first phase of the project (CHF 154,000.00), is shared by ‘Fransalien Agency for social Care and Education’ (FAsCE) in India and ‘Light in Life’.

We have already paid an amount of CHF 67,000/-. for the first phase of the Project. The second phase of the project has started end of 2016. Project cost: CHF 150`000. 00