News and Events - Year 2018


Light in Life Project Inaguration
Shaji Edathala,
President of Light In Life
Mr.Abraham mathew,
Secretary, Light In Life doing Presentation about our projects
President Shaji Adathala welcoming our Chief Guests
Mr.Angehm Alfons and Mr.Würmli Christoph by presenting
Bouquet of flowers, as a token of love and respect
Shaji Adathala welcoming our Chief Guest
Mr.Bradock by presenting Bouquet of flowers.
sharing his experience with LightInLife and its activities.
Mr.Würmli Christoph:
words of compliments and support to Light In Life.
Mr.Angehrn Alfons, Kath.Kirchenverwaltungsrat, handing over
a cheque of Sfr.7500.- to Shaji Adathala, President, LightInLife.
Fr.Carlos Barowa of MSFS, Meghalaya receiving a Cheque of Sfr.22000.- as a support to their school project, from Mr.Gordie Manapparampil, Treasure, LightInLife.