Message from the President

Shaji Adathala


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Great things just happens. Water flows from the top of the hill towards the bottom and reaches the final destination to be merged with the sea, where each drop of water cannot be differentiated. We have a dream that each one of the human being around the globe have the same destiny where rich and poor may not be differentiated.

God has given us two beautiful eyes. We can never see the expression on our face with our own eyes. We are given the eyes to see the pain and sufferings on the face of others. Surely if we suffer, others will see us with their eyes. Similarly God has given us two strong hands but we cannot be lifted by ourselves, whereas we need two hands of others to lift us. So it is evident that the two hands given to us are not for ourselves, but to lift others.

To get an inner vision we have to light the outer light and in that light we see the pain and sufferings of hundreds of thousands of helpless fellow being around us. Each member of "Light in Life" is dedicated to give a spark of light where a chain reaction is initiated so that one day the whole darkness of helplessness whatsoever is eradicated from the face of the globe.

We strongly feel and firmly believe that you are also one among us to join the chain of light sparked by "Light in Life".